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Welcome to Shri Aasaanji’s official blog, a resource for true transformation. The Master’s simple and profound words will bring a deeper understanding of one’s own being and great positive change in personal, financial and professional life.

Atmayogi Shri Aasaanji is a world renowned, Non-Religious Contemporary Spiritual Teacher and a Master of Inner-Science and Ancient Healing. Through his divine presence and scientific & practical teaching, Shri Aasaanji has guided his followers across the globe to experience a holistic life without compromising on modern-day living.

Shri Aasaanji is the founder of the Atmayoga Foundation an Institute for Inner-Science and Self-Transformation which has brought miraculous changes in the lives of innumerable people.

A proponent of ‘Global peace through inner peace’; Shri Aasaanji has for more than a decade guided millions of people from all walks of life to experience a life of great health, wealth, inner peace and harmony.

You don’t just possess a body, you possess a ‘Brain Instructed Body’
-Shri Aasaanji

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There was once a man who wished for a fruit tree to grace his home. So he brought some seeds. On his way, a couple of seeds fell in the wet mud. He kept the remaining … Read More

You belong to yourself, not to others. Understand this divine truth and Develop trust on you, not on others
-Shri Aasaanji
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As humans, we have two choices; either feel great about being healthy or feel guilty forever on losing good health.
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Heaven on earth is possible only for people who’ve realized that ‘Health is Life’
-Shri Aasaanji

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If I ask you, ‘would you like to be a billionaire and extraordinarily successful’ most of you would say yes. Then what is it that stops you from achieving what you want?
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It is again that time of the year where the country celebrates Pongal or Sankranti with much merriment with their loved ones.
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Why does one seek knowledge, motivation, inspiration? For the sole purpose of achieving inner peace. Ultimately, this is the only goal that a human craves.

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