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Welcome to Shri Aasaanji’s official blog, a resource for true transformation. The Master’s simple and profound words will bring a deeper understanding of one’s own being and great positive change in personal, financial and professional life.

Atmayogi Shri Aasaanji is a world renowned, Non-Religious Contemporary Spiritual Teacher and a Master of Inner-Science and Ancient Healing. Through his divine presence and scientific & practical teaching, Shri Aasaanji has guided his followers across the globe to experience a holistic life without compromising on modern-day living.

Shri Aasaanji is the founder of the Atmayoga Foundation an Institute for Inner-Science and Self-Transformation which has brought miraculous changes in the lives of innumerable people.

A proponent of ‘Global peace through inner peace’; Shri Aasaanji has for more than a decade guided millions of people from all walks of life to experience a life of great health, wealth, inner peace and harmony.

There is much violence in the world. More so today, in the name of honor, beliefs, ideologies and nationalism. One human kills another for family honor, for the community, to prove religious supremacy or for the … Read More

‘Dhyana’ or Meditation is for every human to experience unparalleled peace, progress and joy!
‘Dhyana’ is the only scientific process to experience oneness of Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Everyone wants a peaceful and happy life; with health, wealth and loving relationships. However, when things don’t go the way we expect them to, it disappoints us. Sometimes to the extent that a person decides to … Read More

Excerpts from Shri Aasaanji’s discourse on ‘Spirituality is for Everyone’ in the US, April ‘17
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Nature – the true source of happiness
Success and happiness! Two words most commonly used by humans even more than the word God. Knowingly or unknowingly we’re all in pursuit of either one of these. Based on one’s current situation and outlook, Success and Happiness vary from person to person. It could be looking forward to a change in … Read More

Sleep… that unavoidable and inevitable unconscious state that humans can never consciously experience.
Sleep is the body’s only way of rejuvenating and healing itself without interference of the conscious (read meddlesome) mind. So while sleep seems like a state of rest; it’s only the mind and gross body that are resting. The nervous and endocrine systems and vital internal … Read More

The essentials of life are food, shelter clothing and as some argue, the internet. The first of this list, FOOD is of prime importance since it is one of the primary sources of energy for humans, the other three being Water, Oxygen and Sunlight. Of all the energy sources, Food is the only one where humans have been … Read More

Everyone wants to be healthy and some of us go to great lengths to achieve this goal sometimes missing on the most basic and powerful elements that can impact health. And WATER tops this list as it can single- handedly make or irreversibly mar a person’s health
Water is needed by the body primarily for two purposes: for the … Read More