Atmayogi shri Aasaanji is a Life-Transforming Guru, Master of Inner-Science, Contemporary Spiritual Teacher, Scholar of Vedic Science, Upanishad, Brahma Sutra, Naturopathy & Self-Realized Enlightened Master with timeless wisdom in healing & meditation of ancient Siddhas. He is the Founder of AtmaYoga Foundation (Institute for Inner-Science & Self-Transformation) to empower humanity with Everlasting well-being & holistic abundance in all aspects of life .

Shri Aasaanji has rediscovered the timeless wisdom of ancient spiritual science to experience an unstoppable success & happiness in all aspects of human life with everlasting peace, health, wealth & prosperity more easily than ever before.

Aasaanji is the creator of Prana- Vritti & Atma-dhyana the most powerful energy technique & unique meditation to activate Inner-Transformation & self-healing power for total well-being. Aasaanji explains the timeless energy technique & self-Transformation method with the most simple & uncomplicated clarity through his spiritual wisdom which he has attained by self-realisation of the ultimate Inner-Power & Cosmic Vibration.

Shri Aasaanji's life changing teachings & techniques are non-religious, yet more scientific & contemporary to follow in midst of modern day living situation to experience an exceptional life. The tools & techniques are highly designed to Instantly free oneself from all misguiding religious, traditional & superstitious belief system & conditioned habits that limits human capacity to enjoy the life to its fullest richness & activating the inner-power to access the higher consciousness.

Aasaanji is well- known as most contemporary and vivid life transforming speaker who brilliantly combines his Eastern spiritual wisdom and in-depth western psychology, which will bring an ever-lasting motivation in human life to create a future of their own dream with holistic abundance.

In profound words Aasaanji is a Life-transforming guru & holistic healer of new-age scientific generation who has transformed & empowered the life of countless people to regain their lost health, wealth, Success & happiness effortlessly by practicing Prana-Vritti & Atma-dhyana.

Corporate Wellness Program

We bring The Most effective & Life-Transforming workshop specially designed to bring more Health & Happiness for working professionals to achieve inevitable success & abundance without disturbing the work-life balance in the current world

Through this program "One can make a New Beginning to CREATE Peace, Health, Success & Happiness".

"Voice of Transformation"
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